Podcast 383

  • News Item: Investors threw 50% less money at quantum last year
  • News Item: Google One is about to hit 100 million subscribers
  • News Item: Microsoft Edge is apparently usurping Chrome on people‚Äôs PCs
  • News Item: Cops arrest 17-year-old suspected of hundreds of swattings nationwide
  • News Item: Apple Vision Pro to launch with over 600 apps and games optimized for the new headset
  • AI Follies
    • FCC to declare AI-generated voices in robocalls illegal under existing law
    • Mistral CEO confirms of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance
    • OpenAI Says GPT-4 Poses Little Risk of Helping Create Bioweapons
    • Microsoft AI engineer says company thwarted attempt to expose DALL-E 3 safety problems
    • OpenAI's ChatGPT breaches privacy rules, says Italian watchdog
  • News Item: A German railway company needs a Windows 3.11 administrator
  • News Item: Instagram Threads triples downloads in December, reaching the top 10; X falls to No. 36
  • News Item: Rise of deepfake threats means biometric security measures won't be enough
  • News Item: Is Cloud the new mainframe?
  • News Item: Drastic moves by X, Microsoft may not stop spread of fake Taylor Swift porn
  • News Item: Apple says EU represents 7% of global App Store revenue
  • News Item: Apple warns proposed UK law will affect software updates around the world

Photo genereted by DALL-E