CIPCUG Publications

CIPCUG publishes a monthly, award winning, 20 page Newsletter called The Outer Edge (TOE). Online copies go back to 1999, so help yourself to a bit of computer history. Be aware that 20 page PDFs take a bit of time to download.

The President publishes an monthly column, called, in TOE every month discussing issues of importance to the membership. These are included in TOE, but are also available separately in HTML as they are significantly faster to read than downloading a 20 page PDF.

CIPCUG member, Jerry Crocker, takes photos at meetings and SIGs and posts them to his Google+ account. The menu link will take you to his Google+ account (away from this site). It's fun to see what goes on at meetings.

CIPCUG periodically loads freeware onto a batch of flash drives when we can get a really good price for quanties of 50+ and then sells them to members stocked with gigabytes of useful freeware programs. Members can pay a nominal fee of $2 to update their flash drives at meetings, but we also maintain the list of current files in the flash update so members who don't have a flash drive can look at what members of the club like and download the programs. All the files on the disk are 100% free, have no nagware, will not pester you to upgrade and have no malware. Most are open source. If you are not familiar with open source, it means the creator makes the source code for the project available for download. While most casual users don't download and read the source code, large corporations and governments who do use the software will have it inspected for irregularities by their programming staff. This assures even the casual user that the code contains no viruses or spyware. If you use and like a freeware program that isn't on the list, please let us know. That's how we got the current list. Users nominated programs.

Is a Website a Publication?

Yes, it is. But we can't create a link to the CIPCUG website because this IS the CIPCUG website. That would be a circular reference, not to mention pointless.